Galatea on Trend

According to Elle Décor’s latest trend article, a growing taste for sustainability is leading interior designers to be “strategic and purposeful” in making purchases this year. This means buying less and highlighting interesting pieces. As a new take on minimalism (minimal spending, minimal footprinting) they advise, “Less is more.” But don’t take that as the golden rule this year. The same Elle Décor slideshow/listicle advises that some designers are rebelling against the stern minimalism of those Scandinavian designs that are all edges and subtle color; they want fun colors, mixed vibes, and comfort — this “maximalist trend dictates that “more is more.”  

Contrary to that, though, is the fact that everyone seems to agree that black monochrome is suddenly the rage.

As usual, Galatea is on trend:

Galatea Emerges

Galatea is ready to see you.

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve added a LOT of fun content, including Galaltea’s story, a detailed services page, a contact form, and a new Galatea 2019 Catalog featuring all of the designs we took to Surtex this year.

We are also very proud to have introduced a Client Portal where we will be able to share mock-ups and design development information with participating clients!

Stay tuned for news from Galatea as we grow, add new designs, and discuss the industry.

It’s all very exciting! So have a look around, feel free to contact Cat Weaver through the Contact page, and have a great and successful 2019!


Galatea wants to thank all the friendly visitors who made our debut at Surtex a fun and fulfilling experience!

Please stay tuned for news and updates to this site!

Please note also that we have a new CLIENT PORTAL: this is a work in progress but we hope to have it smoothly running by mid April. The portal will lead clients to new designs, invitations to shows and events, as well as to their own pages with information about their collaborations and projects with Galatea.


Elephant is an elephant.

It’s a collection of deconstructed circles…

 It’s an homage to Louise Nevelson!

It’s all of the above and more: a majestic balance of boisterous color blocks!


This, and many other Galatea designs can be
custom scaled and colored for your client or project!


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