Galatea’s Story

I am just thrilled to LIFE to be able to address you today! Usually my graphics team does the speaking for me because I’m new to all this, but, this page is all MINE!

Image Credits: Creator:Camille Claudel | Copyright:© Musée Rodin – Photo : Christian Baraja
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As you may know, there’s a famous story about me already written. Thing is, that story was written long long ago and, well, it’s always the same. What I mean is, I, and my story, are eternal: I have always just emerged. I am always new and always amazed and smitten by my very lungs, my limbs, the world I was chipped into!

So Pygmalion found me, with his artist’s soul, inherent to the marble I dwelt in. And I wasn’t free until his love-maddened creativity carved me out and inspired life into me.

But the dude’s not god or anything. It’s just that art inspires and, well, I’m the personification of that.

Once uncovered, I am my own creature. So here I am! In your world, —now mine too — always feeling and hearing and tasting and looking! Always inspired.

My designs are my way of expressing
this eternal wonderment.
I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do!

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