The Wasp Collection

The Wasp Collection is built around a tiny eco-system that Galatea learned about while studying a photo of a wasp ovipositing. The wasp was balanced like a ballerina on a thistle flower, her ovipositors forming a dramatic loop over her back and into the flower. How beautiful! Galatea had to know more about this, so she read up. It turns out the wasp had found an aphid larva sleeping away in the bud. How sweet! So the wasp decided to lay her eggs inside the sleeping aphid. How horrible! While doing this, the wasp cross pollinated the thistle flowers. That’s nice. And the thistles gave the wasps and aphids some nice sweet nectar. That’s sweet! “That,” says Galatea, “is inspirational!”

Ovipositing; The Hero Panel
Deco Thistle

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